MSc in Big Data : Masters in Big Data Science

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MSc Big Data

  • Big data is increasingly important in today's commercial landscape. As a data scientist specialising in big data, you'll help companies make sense of large amounts of structured and unstructured data, providing rapid insights that enable them to make better, quicker decisions.

  • The Masters in big data science online program is a taught advanced Masters degree covering the technology of Big Data and the science of data analytics. Students will gain practical skills in big data technology, advanced analytics and industrial and scientific applications. Best masters degrees in big data course will teach you how to collect, manage and analyse big, fast moving data for science or commerce. You'll learn skills in cutting-edge technology such as Python, R, Hadoop, NoSQL and Machine Learning. At the same time, you'll delve into important maths and computing theory, and learn the advanced computational techniques you need to develop your career in data science.

Career Opportunities

Fintech is a growth sector in its own right at the moment and there are opportunities across the career spectrum, from new and exciting start-up companies to established banks and insurance companies. The mix of computing, analytics and business skills you'll learn on the course will prepare you for a job in data science.

Special Program Highlights

Get a world-class foreign degree at a lower price compared to attending the course from the UK campus.
Strong Placement Support.

  • Flexible mode of attendance
  • Weekend lectures
  • Students can attend physically on campus
  • Students may attend it online without leaving their jobs
  • For students attending online, they will be needed to be on campus for 4 days in January and 5 days in April for the Exams
  • Internship opportunities in India or UAE depending upon the student's location
  • Students can opt for placement in India or UAE

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