University of Stirling (UAE) Campus

IIQF is a preferred admission partner for Stirling University. Students applying through IIQF may get preference in admission to the programs.

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Post Graduate Programs

The university of Stirling offers a portfolio of post graduate courses designed to support your aspirations, employability and career goals

Why choose Stirling UAE Campus?

Get a world-class foreign degree at a lower price compared to attending the course from the UK campus.
Strong Placement Support

  • Flexible mode of attendance
  • Weekend Lectures
  • Students can attend physically on campus
  • Students may attend it online without leaving their jobs
  • For students attending online, they will be needed to be on campus for 4 days in January and 5 days in April for the Exams
  • Internship opportunities in India or UAE depending upon the student's location
  • Students can opt for placement in India or UAE
Bespoke Corporate Financial Training Courses

IIQF Certificate Programs

Prepare yourself to lead Quant Teams and Trading Desks of International Banks and Hedge Funds.

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