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Python for finance course online

Python for Finance Program Online

Python has become the most widely used programming language in the world, outpacing even C, C++ and Java. Due to its ease of learning and an extensive, rich and rapidly expanding collection of free libraries to accomplish almost any programming task ranging from database application, big data applications, machine learning and artificial intelligence applications to simple mobile apps, Python for Finance course is extremely popular with both professional programmers as well as other professionals who don't have prior programming knowledge but want to learn programming for use in their work. This makes it very easy for people to get their work done with minimal programming effort.

As it’s use has grown in other application areas so has it grown in financial application areas as well. So many complex problems in finance related areas can be easily solved using Python, which would otherwise require considerable amount of programming in other languages. There are myriads of courses on Python programming in general and other application areas, however, very few are aimed towards financial application areas. This is why we design courses with focus on financial applications using Python and fully customised according to the needs of the customer. Depending on the needs of the corporate client and the participant profile, the course would start with learning the basic programming concepts in general and then learning programming using Python and then go on to specific financial application use-cases so that the participants can relate their learning with their work.

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