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IIQF conducts customized training programs to the banking and financial services industry as well as other corporate clients. Our portfolio of programs covers all aspects of financial training and is suitable for a wide range of audiences from fresh graduates to senior executives.


Credit Derivatives Valuations

Interest Rate Derivatives Valuations

Currency Derivatives Valuations

Equity Derivatives Valuations

Market Risk

Operational Risk Analytics

Credit Risk

Machine Learning for Finance

Deep Learning Neural Network for Algorithmic Trading

Quantitative Finance

Econometrics and Simulations

Time Series Modelling in Python

Python for Finance

VBA for Finance

Interest Rate Derivative Valuation

Seminars and Workshops

IIQF conducts short term specialized seminars and worshops in the field of Quantitative Finance, Algorithmic Trading, Financial Risk Management.
  • Courses

    2 Days

    Workshop On Basic Options Trading Strategies

  • Courses

    2 Days

    Workshop On Advanced Options Trading Strategies

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