Certificate Program in Generative AI for Finance (CPGAIF)

Applied AI for Finance

Live Online Instructor-led Weekend Program
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CPGAIF Program | Certificate Program in Generative AI for Finance Course Highlights

  • Analyzing financial news sentiment using a Large Language Models (LLM) based FinGPT which is specifically designed for financial applications.
  • FinGPT is part of the FinNLP project, which aims to democratize Internet-scale financial data and provide accessible tools for language modeling in finance.
  • FinGPT leverages the strengths of existing open-source large language models (LLMs) and is fine-tuned using financial data for language modeling tasks in the financial domain.
  • FinGPT will generate responses for sentiment analysis prompts and predict sentiment categories based on those responses. This can be leveraged to analyze the sentiment of multiple financial news articles or other financial data and obtain the output as negative, neutral, or positive.

Certificate Program in Generative AI for Finance Course Outline

Generative AI for Finance

10 Weeks
  • Financial Text Generation
  • Synthetic Data Generation
  • Large Language Models (LLM) based FinGPT

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