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Financial Modelling in Excel Training Program

Financial Modelling in Excel Training

In business people regularly have to deal with situations where they have to make some decisions after analyzing some data. In such cases they often build a spreadsheet model of their problems. Financial Modelling using spreadsheets like MS Excel are used in many fields like financial analysis, risk analysis, valuations, investment management, credit analysis, scenario analysis, budgeting, sales forecast, financial projections, project evaluation, etc. Along with the use of Excel as a tool for modelling, skills in recording and using Macros in Excel is also required.

We design bespoke courses for organisations that are interested in training their staff in financial modelling using MS Excel to improve in their processes. Depending on the needs of the organization and the participant profile, the course starts with learning how to use the basic functionalities of Excel then goes on to learning to use the advanced tools of Excel including creation of Macros, Pivot Tables, etc. then goes on to learn to build various kinds of financial models in Excel. It includes case studies of some real world financial models in the power and infrastructure sectors.

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