23 September 2023, Saturday

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Masterclass on Algo Trading
Date: 23 September 2023, Saturday | Time: 12:00

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Algorithmic trading is not well understood by a large segment of the financial community. To many, algorithmic trading, or “algo trading”, simply means “automated trading.” However, the term actually encompasses a wide variety of trading methods, strategies, and time horizons, and practitioners of one variation of algo trading may have little knowledge of another style.

In this webinar, Yatish Borole, a certified quant analyst, will provide a general introduction to algorithmic trading, give some examples of what strategies look like, and discuss some of the operational realities of algo trading.

Topics to be discussed:
  • The traders' death spiral & trading psychology.
  • How to build a powerful trading system.
  • Essential trading statistics - Testing strategy efficiency on live trading system Pnl
  • Evaluate your trading plan from historical data - Sample Python code for backtesting
  • Use an Indian broker API to automate your trading system.

Speaker: Yatish Borole

Yatish has done BE in computers and is a certified quant analyst, with 10 years of trading experience in Indian markets currently working as a senior product manager in the broking domain and he has expertise in building automated trend following, mean reversion & option selling systems.

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