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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a Center of Excellence in education in the field of Advanced Finance, Quantitative Finance, Data Analytics and Risk Management.

The Indian financial market has seen a rapid growth over the last decade, creating a need for professionals with specialized skills in Advanced Quantitative Finance and Financial Risk Management techniques. There is a dearth of skilled professionals in this domain. There are no specialized courses on these subjects currently being offered by B-schools in India. Industry has been facing a huge shortage of quality professionals with strong skills in such advanced quantitative techniques, the so-called "Quants".

To meet the growing demand in the industry for such highly skilled professionals, Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance was founded in 2006 by top professionals and entrepreneurs from the Financial Services Industry with extensive global experience and expertise in specialized domains and educational background from the best of global institutions. IIQF operates in line with the concept of a finishing school in the field of Quantitative Finance for B-School graduates and as a center for continued professional education in Financial Engineering for practitioners.

In an industry that demands exacting standards, a solid foundation in quantitative finance, together with critical, analytical and reasoning skills, would enable individuals to pursue rewarding careers. The emphasis is on developing a strong base in numerical and quantitative aspects of finance. The courses have been designed to provide a set of "core skills", required to excel in this competitive environment.

What we do?

IIQF conducts short term specialized courses in the field of Financial Risk Management and Advanced Quantitative Techniques. These courses aim to equip graduates for careers that require sophisticated technical skills in quantitative analysis, financial research, risk management, quantitative asset management and financial derivatives structuring. There are specialized modules tailored to the specific needs of Finance professionals, Management graduates, Qualified Accountants etc.

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