Why with us

  • IIQF is founded by people who are risk management consultants to major global financial institutions for over 12 years and have educational experience from top global institutions.
  • Instructors at IIQF include top risk management experts who are pioneers in India in developing risk management technologies, models and risk management systems and products which are used by some of the largest global banks and financial institutions. They have been into risk modeling and research and development of risk management systems for over 12 years.
  • IIQF has the unique distinction in India of being the only academic institution that has tied-up with several top corporates from the industry to provide Risk Management and Financial Engineering solutions to the financial institutions and financial services industry. It has very niche domain expertise in Risk Management technologies.
  • IIQF has the unique distinction of being the only one amongst the FRM® course providers in India, that has been engaged by top Wall Street Investment Banks for placement of our students. IIQF has been engaged as trainers for their Quant teams.
  • Extensive training for exhaustive exam preparation, suitable even for candidates having limited exposure to quants and risk management.
  • The course covers each subject from the very basics to the advanced levels. Each subject is taught by specialist market practitioners from that subject area.
  • Highly experienced and qualified instructors who have combination of teaching and industry experience to equip the candidates with expertise in Risk Management concepts and enable them to score success in the exam.
  • Practice exams at the end of each module. 3 Mock tests before the FRM® Exam.
  • Concise course material.
  • Question bank with solutions for past FRM® examinations.
  • Assistance in job placement and career guidance.
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